EMIC CIO is supported by volunteers from a wide range of communities in Canterbury and have experience working with Ethnic Minority Communities, and can therefore provide culturally appropriate services, and act as gateway to their communities.

The organisation is very inclusive and encourages and values individuals of all races or genders, with different ideas, expertise, backgrounds and experiences, regardless of them being British nationals or foreign expats residing in the UK.

The resourceful EMIC team currently comprises a Romanian Chair, Bangladeshi Vice-Chair, Indian Secretary and Polish Treasurer, and are supported by team of trustees and volunteers of various ethnic backgrounds. Our most recent projects were coordinated and managed by an Ugandan freelance expert in charitable work, supported by Vietnamese and Polish community workers.

Some of our volunteers work in committees, others work on their own. We are continually looking for new volunteers and if you would like to join our volunteer team please get in touch with us anĀ  send us an email at emiccanterbury@gmail.com.

We also have a Facebook page we post on regularly.